The rules/restrictions for the design were as follows;
• The deck of the boat must remain green with blue trim.
• The tail fins must remain black and white checkerboard.
• The cowling must remain primarily white.
• Simple straight-edged color blocks may be used as accents and they must be either blue or green.
• Be creative with logo placement; the Albert Lee logo must be the largest logo.
With very tight restrictions, I only worked with one idea and used my experience from the previous year's contest to come up with something I knew they would like. There were still some minor edits that they wanted made after I submitted my final design so this is the winning design and the edited version as well.
The boat suffered a minor accident in the race one week prior to the Seattle race that required some repairs, meaning that the blue section on the back of the boat was not able to be applied due to time restraints.
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