The rules/restrictions for the design were as follows;
• It will be a vinyl wrap which doesn't cling to complex curves very well so avoid changing the color of the cowling and cockpit.
• Large blocks of color are expensive and difficult to apply so it would be best to avoid that.
• The primary color of the boat must be white.
• The tail fins must remain our black/white checkered pattern
• The Albert Lee logo must be the largest logo and be placed on the sponsons.
• GE, Miele, and Whirlpool must be the next largest logos as they are "second tier" sponsors.
• The boat's number, U-21, must be easily visible from above the boat.
• Albert Lee likes Seahawks colors so use blue and green.
Initial ideas. Drawing most of my inspiration from the very distinct "A" in the Albert Lee logo.
Narrowing it down to a more refined idea and playing around with some variations.
Winning design along with the final version after the sponsor requested a few edits.
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